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Your Dog at Your Wedding

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This is a new bespoke Wedding Service from Julie
at Groomintails

This unique dog-friendly service enables you to have
your family pet celebrate one of the happiest days of your
life with you. They are a part of your family, so why should
you leave them out?
But having them at your wedding needs to be well organised
to avoid any embarrassing situations from happening.

This is where Groomintails can play a part. Our tailor-made
wedding packages to suit you and your dog, offer a way of
having your dog at your wedding, ensuring that your dog is
there for the all important wedding photographs and that
they really look the part.

Some of the services we can provide are:

• Collect your dog from wherever they have been staying
• Groom your dog
• Look after and handle your dog while at the ceremony
and venue, ensuring plenty of refreshments, comfort breaks
and some quiet time for him/her if it all becomes a bit
overwhelming for them.

Prices for our services start from £300 and vary depending on
individual requirements.
For a chat and a bespoke price for your special day either
call Julie on 07808801995 or email

How wonderful would it be to have your best four legged friend
their on your wedding day.


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